Implementation of IMLEX CEIR immediately brings to the country the advantages of controlling...

Tax Evasion and Device smuggling
Lost sales, lost taxes and duties.

Lost and Stolen Devices
Theft of devices increase if stolen handsets can be sold and reused without being blocked.
Threat to personal information. 
Cloned devices
Devices with duplicate IMEI’s can’t be tracked on networks.
Threat to national security, terrorism. 

Counterfeit and substandard devices
Threat to health and personal information. 
Counterfeited devices usually contain malware that allows personal information to be stolen.

European Union Intellectual Property Office:
“When mobile device is not fully trustworthy, the quality of service of communication can be affected, personal information or even corporate technological secrets may be misused or irrecoverable, and health and security harmed.” 

No Tax Evasion on imported devices by registration in IMLEX CEIR

In some countries, the sales of counterfeit/ substandard phones could represent up to 20 percent of the market. Therefore the government shall control that all equipment manufacturers, vendors, and operators, including customer devices such as mobile phones and wireless adapters, must ensure that their equipment conforms to the applicable standard.
Our solution is prepared to control and register all devices imported into your country. Devices can be registered using IMLEX Web GUI or M2M API for external systems. It is also possible to have separate processes for registering personally imported devices via the web portal, USSD, or mobile application. Each registration can initiate a separate process of verification of registration data and tax collection. Flexible billing module can apply different tariffs according to certain business rules

Registration of the device during the amnesty period

One of the main problems of the introduction of registration of mobile devices in the country is the registration of devices that are already used by subscribers. We know how to do this registration correctly and how to control such devices. Trust in our experience.

Control of cloned devices

To make mobile device blocking effective, the IMEI number is expected to be difficult to change. However, the IMEI of the phone can be easily changed using special tools. Today's technologies allow reprogramming the IMEI of a stolen phone. Phone IMEI can be easily changed after it has been stolen, making it impossible to recover. This leads to the creation of a huge number of cloned devices.
Pairing IMEI and IMSI (or MSISDN) using our solution is the first anti-cloning solution.

Control of counterfeit and substandard devices

The increase of counterfeit and substandard mobile devices is one of the reasons for the degradation in spectral efficiency. Counterfeit phones have degraded quality service for the user and also impact other subscribers. Counterfeit dvices lead to higher dropped calls and access failures rates.
The government shall ban the import and use of mobile phones with fake IMEI numbers.
Our solution will perform blocking devices with invalid IMEI using the GSMA’s global TAC list of all legitimate device identity number ranges .

Lost and stolen devices

One of the main reasons for introducing a solution for registering devices in the country is to protect the population from possible theft or use of the device by others if it is lost. Users' devices are becoming more and more important every day. They are more expensive. They contain more personal information. That is why they attract the attention of thieves so much. Blocking or tracking such devices is the minimum that should be guaranteed to users. Our solution has more to offer.


Discover the functionality that makes our solution better than others

Customizable configuration
Possibility to define custom business processes
M2M integrations
Realtime device detection and management
Customer Web portal
Mobile application for device management
GSMA integration for Global blacklisting and TAC validation
Device linking with phone number 
Device linking with personal data
Detection and registration of IoT devices
Device registration monetization and billing
HA Solution
Reports and Analytics
Machine learning
Global Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

CEIR system solves problems related to devices smuggling, counterfeiting, cloning, theft. The system helps government institutions collect the taxes for the devices, helps to fight crimes and cybercrimes that are committed using mobile and IoT devices, combat various mobile fraud schemes.

Government institutions: Telecommunication Regulators, Law Enforcement agencies, Police, Finance institutions, etc.; Mobile Operators, Devices owners, Devices Importers, etc.

EIR systems are systems owned by mobile operators. There are as many EIR systems in the country as there are mobile operators, and each EIR provides basic functions only for the needs of the operator. To solve the country's problems, all EIR systems must be connected to a centralized system - CEIR.

Devices with unique IMEI numbers: mobile phones, smartphones, wearable devices (smartwatches), tablets, IoT devices, etc.

There is no big difference. Both processes are very important to be finished in order to have real control of counterfeit and cloned devices.

Yes. CEIR doesn't work directly with the network. CEIR uses interfaces toward EIRs.

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